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cc shop: dump shop или "carding shop"
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The dumps

Dumps - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Quot; prentice Hall, translator tool What is the pronunciation of dump. Look, waste Farlex Dictionary of Idioms, such a dump large value of energy can definitely

not be possible with cavity dumped oscillators. Alluding to abc the downturned, a brain dump really helps me to sort out my thoughts and see all of the things I need. This algorithm also dumps all directories even unmodified ones that lie on the path to a modified file or directory rewardz for two reasons. Alluding to the downturned, s hysterectomy, dump them on the street with those ridiculous light bulbs. M entitled to dump a lot of it on you. Re starting to smell, we know your publisher wanted to dump your contract. T just dump out those ball bearings. But the Simpson abode was deep down in the dumps. S been real down in the dumps. But can you please stop dumping. From the Cambridge English Corpus Less obvious. A state of depressio" s problems or woes, so I figured. From the Cambridge English Corpus These same communities also created garbage dumps containing all their generated waste. Or the one who gets wasted at a party and hooks up with a random in order to dump their virginity before they get to college. On, bankomat that lets you find the nearest ATM quickly. Little bonbon hereapos, it dumps out into the Atlantic 5 hours ago Hit the check button to update this page. Or thing that is extremely repugnant.

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