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Citi double cash card

Citi, double, cash, card, review by CardRatings

Citi Entertainment This feature is offered by plastic all Citi credit cards and it can be an excellent perk if you tumblrcom often go out either on concerts.

Introductory APR, and again when you pay off your card balance. Advertisers do not approve our reviews. Consider a grocery or gas credit card such as the BankAmericard Cash Rewards Mastercard or Blue Cash Everyday from American Express. Capital One offers a 100 signing bonus that the Citi card does not offer. Citi may impose a penalty APR. But you can boost your rewards if you pair this card with others that are more rewarding on select categories. This way, the balance transfer APR rises to a variable regular range. This card therefore earns unlimited 2 cash back. Youll earn 1 on all purchases. Use this card abroad and youll pay a fee of 3 of each transaction. No annual fee and a healthy 0 period make this a regular cash back rewards favorite 99, please view our advertising policy page for more information. Niche uscc" it comes with a 0 annual fee. Such as gas or groceries, following the end of the intro period. Rates fees Compare Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express 250 after spending.

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